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Guenther Vomberg life in Cebu Philippines.

Guenther Vomberg life in the Philippines

Guenther Vomberg life in Cebu Philippines.To be honest not all that great. Ever Since he signed a pact with the evil sexpat community "to protect himself" as he put it he confirmed at the same time his real identity, the real reason of living in the Philippines, not different of those of his partners  Christioher Bennetts Matt Wilkie Tim Potter and Perry Gamsby. 

Guenther Vomberg life in the Philippines
They have plenty in common, all excluded from the first world, losers, vagabonds living day to day with no goals no ambitions no plans. He calls himself "the stranded shipscook" I call him the "sexpat vagabond" who only chose the Philippines for the heck of cheap pussy or a dick - both available in the Philippines. 
Let's remind the readers whence came this very special sexpat and (as we'll see down the road) a scammer also. Below is his introduction to the Living in Cebu forums where he was THE  member , the VIP, la creme de la creme. His screen name then was Stranded Shipscook. 

Stranded Shipscook 

Cybertroll's Nightmare :-)

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Posted 15 December 2010 - 02:40 PM

Hi, i am Guenther, 51, single again, living in Balamban since 2002. I arrived here with my Sailyacht ( hahaha)

Actualy I lived in Manila (or better based there ) from 1986 till 1990, had export and import there an lived a fairly good live until i had the "genius" idea that i could make a bash of money in Germany and then return to live even better.
Well, i never said, i am smart :-)

Had a forwaridng company then and a Thai Restaurant, later also an Irish Pub, but the money i made is now in the hands of the German tax Authorities, sounds familia, well, yes.
The Rest of the millions i brought to the Philippines with me in 1998 is in the hands of the Philippinos, including my ex wife. sounds familiar, well yes.

in 1999 i iopened i Resto in banawa, cebu City,  but after 2 years the sailing bug got me and i sailed a yacht, which i aquired in crete, Greece for very little money  to the hilippines.
Since i had not much expeience i got myself a crew from te internet, but the did not stay long, so i ended up single handedly. It wasnt my character, it was the yacht which turned them off, not everybody like to sail on an open bridge catamaran.

So in 2002 i arrived in BALAMBAN, where i opened ( peeeps, no ads allowed) a Restaurant and since my ex also left, i live happily ever after. :-)

I guess thats enough introduction, is it ?

What else i do here, mmmh, I am a Knight of Rizal, 3rd degree, The President Elect of the Kiwanis Club of Cebu, (but i resigned temporary last month) and an active Commander in the Philippine Coastguard Auxiliary, 201st squadron Cebu city. Which explains my funny outfits in facebook or wherever people post Photos of me.
So, i got quite a n idea of the people and live here, and a lot of good connections (absolute must in this nation)

Personally i describe myself as a good fellow, always trying to help with good advice or even actively.
Unfortunatly some people abuse that, but what the heck, should i stop helping therefore?

Mmmmh, and as you can see in this post, I tend to talk to much, but this is forgiveable. I hope.

Well, thats all,

    Guenther Vomberg life in Cebu Philippines looks like this of an investor to you but is all mirrors and smoke. No expat ever has prospered in the kind of businesses Guenther said he is involved. 

It's just a facade of what many pimps and scammer are using to show legitimacy and income justification generated from crooked business. Like all of his partners, Guenther isn't an exception.

I have traveled to many foreign countries including the PH and I will say that in most of the lower cost countries the Ugly America/Foreigner abounds. The bottom line is that if after 30-40 years of working you managed to only be able to retire in a 3rd world country you are at the very least a poor money manager. 

The expats I have seen in the PH are a sorry looking lot. It is that simple, they are poorly dressed, have poor hygiene, bad manners, and for the most part are in poor physical health. I really enjoyed the PH people they were for the most part very nice and humble people.

 The egomaniacs of Guenther's environment are the same.  

Well, just the tip of the iceberg. Some just stupid old farts thinking the girls are coming for their looks, often ending up in "mysterious" assassination plots, other will go back to their homeland broken if not in a coffin shipped and paid by the embassy of their country. Others are struggling in the porn and scamming department. That's exactly where Guenther tries his chance. 

Meanwhile, Guenther Vomberg having serious credibility problems as being downgraded from a hero in the lowlife sexpat community to a zero in the international straight life countries AND the sexpat life he lives in pretend now to be a high caliber lawyer with antennas and connection all over Europe. 

In effect, after he failed to repair his mistakes and comments on Evan Iliadis he now takes on his family sending unsolicited emails containing threats and megalomaniac border-line literature. My daughter Melina Iliadis received it in December of 2012 but she didn't notice it until today. Here is what he said to her:

Guenther Vomberg life in the Philippines
Guenther Vomberg will receive an answer to this even 6 months later still make sense to us. Stay tuned.  

Guenther Vomberg
Living in Cebu Philippines
Schizophrenics liars Germans love affair with the Philippines
Schizophrenics liars Germans love affair with the Philippines

 Hey Guenther where have you been? Long time no heard from you, same from your coalition. You all disappeared! Especially you, the diarrhea-like mouth, the “International Lawyer” working on Evan Iliadis filing criminal cases in 4 countries, and other blah blah blah. The world still waiting to read about this new Nuremberg tribunal. Apparently, will wait for a long time lol!!

We haven’t seen you on the net in ages, other than arranging a bit your blogs for SEO purpose and positive image exposure using the narcissistic way you marvelously know how to handle.

Unless you are posting under a new ID there is nothing new about you- on the surface at least-, the Living in Cebu forums has written you off long ago, I’m sure other forums and boards as well. Your FB doesn’t say much either, other than a comment of your mentor in pornography and pedophilia Christopher Bennetts 

Continue reading:


Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom”

Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom”
Guenther Vomberg  a group of Filipinos, Thais, foreigners living in the Philippines and Thailand asking your help in bringing to justice a Briton criminal fugitive living in the Philippines. As you have always stated, as a connected man with the Philippines highest  instances, such as the Cebu Government, a member of prestigious Social Clubs and organizations, having contacts in the Philippines Supreme Court and Philippines Police Department, a friend and benefactor of the Philippines people and most of all a Commander of the Philippines Coast Guard, we thought you should know the event taking place in a Philippines island goes by the name San Antonio in the province of Zambales.  Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom”


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